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Tuesday, December 23, 2014

2013 Daily gemini horoscope

2013 Daily gemini horoscope:

The Moon is in constant Taurus all day, and we are more aware of our need to enjoy the sensual pleasures of life--eating, drinking, listening to music, and so forth. Our emotions are steady, and common sense rules when it comes to handling domestic matters, money, and work. We tend to resist change and to fall back on old habits and patterns under this influence. With the Moon's opposition to Saturn and trine to Pluto this morning, we may be feeling blocked or restricted, or that our emotions or efforts are going unrewarded. Nevertheless, we might take the time now for getting organized, downsizing, or otherwise improving our lives. This is a time to engage in some sort of transformation in which you weed out the bad in order to more effectively use the good.

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